Sunshadow RR Fabric


A classic screen fabric for internal use which provides daytime privacy and a perfect view outside.

Available Colours

  • White RR10
  • White Linen RR12
  • White Sable RR11
  • White Pearl RR13
  • Linen RR20
  • Linen Pearl RR23
  • Linen Taupe RR28
  • Grey Lotus RR44
  • Apricot Taupe RR82
  • Charcoal Apricot RR71
  • Charcoal Linen RR98
  • Charcoal Sable RR72
  • Taupe RR84
  • Grey Ultramarine RR46
  • Bluestone RR94
  • Charcoal Bronze RR89
  • Charcoal RR90

Fabric Details

    Range Suitable For:
    Roller, Roman and Panel blinds.

    Fabric Composition:
    100% Polyester

    PVC coated



    Available Widths:
    2500mm, 3000mm (limited colours)

    Colour Fastness:
    Grade 8

    Tested to AS/NZS:

    AWTA Test Report:
    7-551696-BQ, 10.04.07

    Ignitability Index (Range 0-20): 0

    Spread of Flame Index (Range 0-10): 0

    Heat Evolved Index (Range 0-10): 0

    Smoke Developed Index (Range 0-10): 6

    (White) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 66

    (White) Solar Absorption (As)%: 15

    (White) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 19

    (White) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 13

    (White) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 3

    (White)Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.34

    (White/Linen) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 58

    (White/Linen)Solar Absorption (As)%: 27

    (White/Linen)Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 15

    (White/Linen) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 9

    (White/Linen) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 2

    (White/Linen)Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.39

    (White Pearl) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 50

    (White Pearl) Solar Absorption (As)%: 37

    (White Pearl) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 13

    (White Pearl)Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 9

    (White Pearl) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 3

    (White Pearl) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.44

    (Linen) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 50

    (Linen) Solar Absorption (As)%: 36

    (Linen)Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 14

    (Linen) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 8

    (Linen)Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 3

    (Linen)Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.44

    (Linen/Pearl) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 44

    (Linen/Pearl)Solar Absorption (As)%: 44

    (Linen/Pearl) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 12

    (Linen/Pearl) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 8

    (Linen/Pearl) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 3

    (Linen/Pearl) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.48

    (Charcoal) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 4

    (Charcoal) Solar Absorption (As)%: 92

    (Charcoal) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 4

    (Charcoal) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 4

    (Charcoal) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 3

    (Charcoal) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.73

    (Charcoal/Apricot) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 17

    (Charcoal/Apricot) Solar Absorption (As)%: 79

    (Charcoal/Apricot) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 4

    (Charcoal/Apricot)Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 4

    (Charcoal/Apricot)Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%:3

    (Charcoal/Apricot) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.65

    (Charcoal, Bronze) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 7

    (Charcoal, Bronze) Solar Absorption (As)%: 90

    (Charcoal, Bronze) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 3

    (Charcoal, Bronze) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 3

    (Charcoal, Bronze) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 3

    (Charcoal, Bronze) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.71

    (Charcoal, Grey) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 8

    (Charcoal, Grey) Solar Absorption (As)%: 86

    (Charcoal, Grey) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 5

    (Charcoal, Grey) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 5

    (Charcoal, Grey) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 4

    (Charcoal, Grey) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.7

    (Charcoal, Sable) Solar Reflection (Rs)%: 15

    (Charcoal, Sable)Solar Absorption (As)%: 81

    (Charcoal, Sable) Solar Transmission (Ts)%: 4

    (Charcoal, Sable) Visible Light Transmission (TV)%: 5

    (Charcoal, Sable) Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%: 6

    (Charcoal, Sable) Shading Co-efficient SC: 0.65

    Cutting Method:
    Knife cut, crush cut, ultrasonic cut

    Manufacturers Warranty:
    10 Years Warranty letter available on request

    Available Colours:

    2500 Wide: Apricot Taupe (RR82), Bluestone (RR94), Charcoal (RR90), Charcoal Apricot (RR71), Charcoal Bronze (RR89), Charcoal Linen (RR98), Charcoal Sable (RR72), Grey Lotus (RR44), Grey Ultramarine (RR46), Linen (RR20), Linen Pearl (RR23), Linen Taupe (RR28),
    Taupe (RR84), White (RR10), White Linen (RR12), White Pearl (RR13), White Sable (RR11)

    3000 Wide: Bluestone (RR94), Charcoal (RR90), Charcoal Apricot (RR71), Charcoal Bronze (RR89), Charcoal Sable (RR72), Linen (RR20), Taupe (RR84), White (RR10), White Linen (RR12)

    Care Instructions:

    Clean with warm water and mild detergent.Rinse with clear water.