Stock Report

Stock Report

Out Of Stock Items

Last update: 18th November 2014

As of 1st June, 2014 the following fabrics and items are currently unavailable until the below specified ETA.

Component/Fabric Size Other ETA Options
Paddington, Ash 2.5m B/O 10-Dec
Sunshadow RR, White 3.0m RR10 5-Dec Sunshadow Net, SunShade or SunVue
Monaco, White 2.5m B/O 30-Nov Franklin
Franklin, Taupe 2.5m T 26-Nov
Timberstyle, Coachwood, 2750mm 50mm Embossed Feb-15 63mm Coachwood

Following items DISCONTINUED. No Stock Left
Slat 50mm, Timberstyle, Birch, 2750mm
SunShade Charcoal 2.5m
However we do have selected sizes still available.
Please contact the office to confirm before ordering.