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Sunlight Shutters are ideal for a wide range of applications and budgets. Sunlight's shutter range includes budget-conscious timber composite Sun-Saver, ABS-Synthetic Sun-Smart, Sun-Style which is made from environmentally friendly Phoenixwood, and the beautiful basswood Sun-Select range. Sunlight Shutters can be used for all windows, shapes, bi-folds and sliders.



Louvre Shape


Louvre Sizes

    Sun-Saver & Sun-Style: 64mm, 89mm,114mm

    Sun-Select & Sun-Smart: 47mm, 64mm, 89mm,114mm

Louvre Thickness

    47mm : 8.5mm

    63mm: 10mm
    89mm & 114mm: 12mm

Stile Width And Profile

    50mm Standard

Stile Thickness

    Sun-Saver & Sun-Select: 25mm

    Sun-Smart & Sun-Style: 28mm

Rail Thickness

    16mm: Sun-Saver

    21mm: Sun-Select, Sun-Smart & Sun-Style


    Clearview, Centre, Offset, Easy Tilt

Maximum Panel Height

    3000mm for Sun-Select, Sun-Smart & Sun-Style

    2700mm for Sun-Saver

Maximum Height Before Midrail Is Required

    1800mm for Sun-Select, Sun-Smart & Sun-Style

    1600mm for Sun-Saver

Maximum Hinged Panel Width

    Sun-Saver: 750mm

    Sun-Select: 740mm (47mm louvre), 920mm (63mm louvre), 1067mm (89mm & 114mm louvre)
    550mm (47mm louvre), 800mm (63mm louvre), 920mm (89mm & 114mm louvre)
    920mm (63mm louvre), 1067mm (89mm & 114mm louvre)

Maximum Hinged Bi-Fold Panel Width

    Varies according to range, please refer to specifications

Maximum Track Bi-Fold Width

    Varies according to range, please refer to specifications

Special Shapes Available (Include Extra Charge)

    Oval, Half Round, Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon, Circular

Frame Styles Available

    L & Z Frames in a variety of profiles, Camber Deco frame & sill plate, please refer to manual

Minimum Panel Width

    Varies according to range and louvre size, please refer to specifications

Available Colours

    Sun-Saver: Bisque, Bright White, Creamy, Pearl, Silk White

    Sun-Smart: Bisque, Bright White, Cameo, Pearl, Pure White, Silk White
    Sun-Style: Bisque, Black Walnut, Bright White, Cameo, Cherry, Chestnut, Cocoa, Creamy, Crisp Linen, Golden Rod, Hermitage Green, Light Pine, Mahogany, Maple Sugar, Mellow Beech, Old Teak, Pearl, Pecan, Pure White, Red Mahogany, Red Oak, Rich Walnut, Silk White, Spring Rose
    Sun-Select: Bisque, Cameo, Pearl, Pure White, Silk White

Hinges (Extra For Stainless Steel)

Optional Extras (Include Extra Charge)

    Fixed louvre, special shapes, liberty arch, solid raised panel, handcarving, french door cutout, flyscreen beading, bolt options, non-standard colours, motorised louvres


    Sun-Saver: Timber Composite

    Sun-Smart: ABS Synthetic
    Sun-Style: Phoenixwood
    Sun-Select: FJ Basswood


    Three years for Sun-Saver, Sun-Smart and Sun-Style

    One year for Sun-Select